"They Really Know Kidstuff!"

Rebranding and Poster Design


Lincoln Medical Center, Marketing Department and Pediatrics Department


Art Director, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Copy Writer, Photo Editor


Create a poster campaign to promote Lincoln's Pediatrics Department

The south Bronx is a notoriously unhealthy place to raise children. It has the highest rate of adolescent asthma in New York City and a significant number of the children suffer from diabetes and obesity. Despite these health issues many of the neighborhood residents were reluctant to take their children to Lincoln Medical Center's pediatrics department. So, Lincoln's administration decided they needed a rebranding campaign to improve the department's perception.

In designing a logo for Pediatrics, I thought about what the first impression of the hospital might be. I realized that a newborn baby's medical footprint is one of the first visual images a new parent receives. Therefore, I chose to design the logo based on a newborn's footprint combined with the capital letter P which emphasizes the similarity between the two. I also devised the tagline "They really know kidstuff!" to convey a confident yet approachable image of the department.

Tagline: They really know kidstuff

While researching perceptions of pediatric departments both around the city and within the country, I read the accounts of children suffering from serious illnesses or accidents who encountered a hospital for the first time. I was moved by the straightforward simplicity of their words and inspired to let kids be the face of this campaign. Therefore, I wrote all of the text in the voice of a child.

I created the series of posters using either a tender or a witty approach to address the issues of hospital safety, access to care regardless of ability to pay, and children's experiences with doctors at Lincoln.

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To learn more about the health disparities in the Bronx, visit Google!!