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The language of your brand starts with your logo. It is more than a simple symbol with your business name underneath it. The essence of your company should be reflected in the logo and continue throughout your whole branding system. The visual essence extends to the fonts, colors, secondary graphics, photo styles, and even the tone of the language in your copy. To create a great brand for your business begin with a great logo.

Look at our logo design examples then get in touch with us. We look forward to finding the perfect solution for you.

Join with RAW Design Lab and build a better business.


In order to understand you and your company, your product, and the services you are offering, we will send you a series of questions to clarify how we will approach the design of your new logo.


Phase 1 - Sketched Versions

  • We begin sketching ideas
  • We send you 2-4 sketches
  • You let us know your reactions to the logos
  • You choose which version best suits you

During this phase, we will explore multiple directions based on the answers you provided. We may send you additional questions during this time if we need clarification about some aspect. We then present to you 2-4 versions that you will be able to comment upon. You should tell us what you like and what you dislike about each version. You should choose one version to develop into your final logo. Your comments about all the variations will help us know how to proceed and finalize your chosen logo.

We should have 2-4 sketches of the logo within two weeks of beginning this project. Once you choose which version of the logo you want, we will begin next phase.

Phase 2 - Designed Version

  • We further develop the chosen sketch into your logo
  • We send you the logo for comments
  • Back and forth to perfect the logo

Now we fine tune the logo and present you with a near final version. You can make comments about what you like or don’t like and we will make adjustments to the logo to make it absolutely perfect.

Phase 3 - Delivery

  • We create the multiple file formats of the logo for various uses
  • We send you a zip-file of the logo files

When there are no more adjustments to be made and you approve the final version, we will create all of the final logo files for you and deliver them in a zip-file within 2 or 3 days.

Your zip-file will include pixel based print and web versions, vector based versions, and ico versions for your website (the small icon in the browser tab). If you have additional specific applications for your logo, please let us know so that we can create those application specific versions for you. There are no additional costs for creating these multiple formats. ☺


James Sortor Design logo James Sortor Design Trademark Niki Ketchman

Exploration for CFR - a realty company

Exploration for Gotham Health

Exploration for Vorenzi

Branding Your Business

Whether we create your logo or not, we can build on it. We will work with you to develop your business brand, secondary elements and graphics, and extend your visual language throughout your whole system.